Queen Organic Silk Pillowcase - Rose Gold

Queen Organic Silk Pillowcase - Rose Gold

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Honeylux envelope style pillowcases use the highest grade (deluxe quality) of 6A 22momme mulberry silk and are delicate yet long-lasting for your beauty sleep. This real silk pillowcase helps with anti-acne and anti-aging and comes with a beautifully crafted gift box. Real silk is gentile and allows an easy glide on the skin. Cotton and other materials create friction and over time, contribute to wrinkles and tired eyes. Silk has amazing antibacterial properties and does not promote the growth of acne-causing bacteria. 

This package contains: 1 Queen (regular size) 22mm mulberry silk pillowcase and gift box 

Enclosure: Envelope type enclosure 

Care: Visit our care tab for how to care for your new real silk pillowcase