Organic Silk Heatless Curlers - Pink

Organic Silk Heatless Curlers - Pink

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Made with the highest grade of pure mulberry silk, new Honeylux overnight heatless curlers will  leave your with beautiful, shiny and hydrated curls!  

Unlike satin, real silk will retain your hair’s hydration, which will give you smoother, and shinier, frizz-free curls. Our silk curlers will not snag or break hair, and does not absorb leave-in conditioners or oils - thus giving you the most out out of any hair treatments applied. 

Directions: use best on damp hair. Apply leave in conditioner or mousse. Separate hair into two large sections and curl the hair around each wand securely and clip it in place. Tighter wrapping will lead to tighter curls. Apply the silk caps on top of each wand to help hair stay put throughout the night and for the added anti-frizz silk benefits. Use our Acetate wide-tooth Detangling Comb, to gently comb through curls as needed. 


• Two organic silk wands with two silk scrunchie caps (one size)  

• Highest grade (6A) of 22 momme mulberry silk 

• Organic certified silk (GOTS) and OEKO-Tex certified