Care and Cleaning Tips

 Silk is one of the toughest natural fibers in the world, but that does not mean it cannot get damaged on the surface or from the seams.

For silk masks: We recommend you wash it every week to eliminate bacteria buildup and prevent maskne 

For Scrunchies: Avoid tight ponytails, as this may create creasing and possible damage to your silk scrunchie. A "double" tie around is best, as silk scrunchies are made for a comfortable, damage-free hairstyle.
If you have tied your HoneyLux scrunchie very tight, and creasing has occurred, use a blowdryer, iron or steamer on low to reduce creasing. 

To wash silk face masks, pillowcases and scrunchies: 

✧ Hand-wash your silk using a small amount of neutral detergent (as as a detergent for washing fruits and vegetables)

✧ DO NOT use powdered or washing soap

✧ Wash it with water at 30⁰C or below and do not soak for more than 5 minutes.

✧Gently wash and rinse silk by hand (do not wring them out)

✧Tip** To preserve shine, add a tbs of vinegar for each cup of water

✧ To dry - air dry or use a blowdryer on low

✧ Steam silk to eliminate creasing 


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