Silk accessories are a simple luxury with enormous benefits.
Silk is the toughest and most luxurious natural fiber in the world and provides countless hair and skin benefits. It is a protein fiber with 18 kinds of amino acids which creates a smooth surface, reducing friction on the hair which prevents creasing and damage to the hair. It's antibacterial properties also help keep skin clean, moisturized and reduces wrinkles due to its frictionless finish. 
Silk holds up to 30% of its weight in moisture, and thus helps reduce frizz and keep hair moisturized.
 HoneyLux Silk Scrunchies Regular Hair Elastics 
✓ Holds hair up with no slipping
✓ Holds Hair Up 
✓ No snagging or tangling
X Snags and tangles on hair
✓ Fibers release any friction & reduce frizz
X Creates friction
✓ Crease free hair even throughout the night
X Creates creasing and hair kinks
✓ Avoids hair breakage and slides off hair
X Allows for breakage (especially when removing from hair)
✓ Absorbs moisture and moisturizes hair
X Can easily be tied tight to cause damage
✓High quality elastic keeps elasticity long term
X Loses elasticity quick 
✓Doubles as a luxurious accessory